Communication Policy

Below is Waybright Academy’s standard communications policy for all customers. At times additional agreements are needed for enrollment or continued enrollment in addition to, not as a replacement of, the standard policy below. This can be the case sometimes with divorced parents involved in legal battles or who communicate through legal attorneys and may not have friendly or open communications. If additional agreements are deemed necessary, we will alert the primary parent.


Waybright Academy’s Standard Communications Policy

This is a whole school policy for all students and parents at Waybright Academy. It deals with communication between the school and our parents or guardians. To contribute to ensuring inclusivity and cooperation, this policy emphasises maintaining and improving the current channels of communication among the users of the school.

Relationship to school mission statement

Good communication is essential to maintaining a positive working and learning environment.

Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect in a happy, caring and supportive environment means that people feel included, consulted and informed. This requires that we use a variety of channels of communication so as to ensure that the relevant people receive the necessary information.

What is the policy intended to achieve?

The goal of this policy is to contribute to effective communication between the school and the parents/guardians, so as to maintain a good working, social and personal environment. This will promote efficiency and contribute to achieving the objectives of the school.

Overall approach to effective communication

  • All communications go directly to the primary parent or guardian of the student.

  • All parties will be communicated with through a variety of agreed channels of communication.

  • The primary parent will be involved actively rather than passively in all communications.

  • There will be opportunity for feedback to check that information is being received and understood.

Means of communication

This policy encourages the use of the most effective communications mechanisms, depending on context, while ensuring the rights of staff, students and parents.

  • The school encourages openness in internal communication and the sharing of relevant and appropriate information through a variety of mechanisms.

  • The school is committed to consultation with the Executive Director over school matters, in a way that is consistent with effective management.

  • The Executive Director recognise the importance of face-to-face communication, in that it can frequently be more effective than written communication

  • The school seeks constantly to improve communication and the Executive Director will consult with staff and students to seek their views.

  • All internal communications should be expressed clearly.

  • As far as possible staff and/or students are informed of important school issues no later than the media or other external bodies.

Use of email and the web

Email and the web are frequently used modes of written communications.

Personal and confidential information

The privacy of personal communications is preserved. Some categories and items of information regarding both staff and students need to be
kept confidential. All staff are bound to take care with the handling and transmission of confidential information, with regard to how and to whom the information is transmitted.

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Congratulations on your new student’s acceptance into The Waybright Academy Microschool. Click the button now to review the enrollment checklist. The due dates for each task are listed for each.

Tuition Refund Policy

  1. All monies paid by the student will be fully refunded if the student chooses not to enroll in or to withdraw from the school within seven calendar days after having paid the commitment fee.
  2. If, after the seven-day cancellation period expires, a student withdraws [see #5] or is terminated, the commitment fee is not refundable. Any remaining tuition costs [minus the commitment fee] will be prorated based on the month the student leaves. A student is considered in the program if they attend any days during a month. For example, if your student is withdrawn on October 4th, you will be responsible for tuition for all months, from the start of the payment period through and including the full month of October.
  3. The date of withdrawal or termination is the last date of attendance by the student. Refunds are prorated based on the month the student leaves [see #2]
  4. All refunds due will be paid within sixty days of the student’s last date of attendance. I have been advised to keep a copy of this policy as well as copies of all financial documents.
  5. Acceptance of enrollment in Waybright Academy is contingent upon a commitment by the Parent or Legal Guardian to the full length of the program payment terms, including payment due dates and fees, as defined in the Tuition Commitment Agreement used to collect the commitment fee. A request for withdrawal may be submitted based on a permanent family relocation or the sudden death or serious illness that would prohibit the student from participating in a school learning environment.

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